User to User Information (UUI) support

Genesys Cloud now supports User to User Information (UUI), which allows information not required by the SIP or Media layers to be associated with a call. Administrators can statically set UUI on outbound calls at the trunk level, or dynamically read and set UUI using new actions in Architect and the script editor. For more information, see Enable the User to User Information settings, Set UUI Data action, and Manage script properties. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

Phone provisioning from the cloud

Telephony administrators can now use the Genesys Cloud provisioning service to provision supported Genesys Cloud managed phones and manage firmware updates. This globally accessible, multitenanted cloud microservice is available to Genesys Cloud Voice customers and customers with premise Edge devices. For more information, see Use the Genesys Cloud provisioning service for phone configuration

Contact center

Web chat schedules

Developers can now define open and closed schedules for web chat. For more information, see Web chat schedules in the Developer Center.

Enhanced support for external contacts in interactions

Agents can now use phone numbers or email addresses from an interaction to create new or edit existing external contacts. For more information, see Create a contact in the interactions panel.

Maximum shift start time variance

Administrators and contact center managers can now specify a maximum shift start time variance. For more information, see Set up the work plan’s weekly configuration.