Sample of enhanced Genesys Cloud invoice

A redesigned invoice that better describes the provided services will be available in early 2018. A sample invoice that highlights the upcoming changes is now available. For more information, see View a sample bill.


Persistent connection for WebRTC phones

Persistent connection is now supported for Genesys Cloud WebRTC phones. Persistent connection speeds up call processing by keeping connections to WebRTC phones open. For more information, see Use the persistent connection feature with a Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

Contact center

Queues performance summary row

Contact center supervisors can now view a summary row of aggregate metrics for multiple queues. For more information, see Queues Performance views.

Configure failed transfer audio within transfer actions

Administrators and contact center managers can configure audio within a transfer action to play to callers if the transfer action detects a failure. For more information, see Add a Transfer action to a flow.


Credential types and authentication flows for web services data actions integration 

The web services data actions integration now supports different credential types and authentication flows for the organization’s web service. For more information, see Credential types for the web services data actions integration.