Contact center

UK English and Australian English voice transcription support

Voice transcription support is now available for UK English (en-GB) and Australian English (en-AU), as well as United States English (en-US) and United States and Latin America Spanish (es-US). For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages.

View an agent’s secondary status in select views

Contact center supervisors can now view an agent’s secondary status, if configured, in the real-time adherence, historical adherence, and schedule views. Existing users must add the new column to the current view. The new column provides additional information about out-of-adherence events. For more information, see Navigate the real-time adherence viewNavigate the historical adherence viewView adherence information in the schedule editor, and Customize the workforce management view.

Contact list filters for messaging campaigns

Outbound administrators can now apply contact list filters to messaging campaigns to limit the messages to contacts that match the filter. For more information, see Create a messaging campaign

Export skill and language group queue metrics in Queues Performance Detail view

Contact center managers and supervisors can now export queue metrics based on skill and language groups from the Queues Performance Detail view. For more information, see Queues Performance Detail view.


Introducing Genesys Cloud for Salesforce SDK

Developers can use the new Genesys Cloud for Salesforce SDK to access the Genesys Cloud Platform APIs in Salesforce and generate diagnostic logs. The SDK also enables developers to customize click-to-dial and screen pop, as well as save interaction logs in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce with extension points. Administrators can configure logging to return WARN or INFO logs. For more information, see SDKs in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, Extension points in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, and Diagnostic logs in Salesforce.


The Resource Center has a new name

The PureCloud Resource Center is now rebranded as the Genesys Cloud Resource Center. At this time, the rebranding is for product name only. The domain name will change at a later date. If you bookmarked links to articles that contain PureCloud in the title, make sure to rename the link or create a bookmark for the updated article. For more information, see PureCloud to Genesys Cloud FAQs on Genesys Community.