Agent dashboard email component update

Announced on Effective date Release Note
February 14, 2024 TBD TBD

On February 14, 2204, Genesys announced that in March 2024, as part of an ongoing modernization effort for the agent interface, Genesys will introduce an updated agent email UI. Previously announced in May 2023 and offered as a beta program in June 2023, the email feature will include an enhanced interface that continues to maintain parity with the current process. These enhancements provide a more user-friendly experience; for example, improved thread handling and visual hints, resolution of known issues, and introduction of new, smaller features. For more information, sign into the Genesys community, and click the following links Upcoming Agent UI Changes – New email component, Refreshed email component for agents beta, and Upcoming Agent UI Changes – New email component – attachment . Also, see the Agent dashboard email component update release note.