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Genesys Cloud transfer features update

Announced on Effective date
2024-05-13 -

In a future Genesys Cloud release, granular permissions for transfers will be introduced. Administrators will be able to configure transfer capabilities within the system. They will be able to configure whether users can perform blind or consult transfers to any other user, any queue, or any external contact.

To implement this feature, we have introduced new APIs with their own permissions. These APIs, along with their permissions, have already been released and are accessible for third-party transfer tools. But, the transfer functions in the user interface will be updated to use these new APIs in a future release.

As we transition to the new transfer permissions, an automated backfill of these permissions to existing roles is underway. This process, will ensure that users can continue performing transfers. However, organizations with custom roles may need to manually add these permissions to their configurations. Due to this ongoing process, the transfer functions in the user interface will be updated to utilize the new APIs in a future version. 

Once these updates are released, administrators will have the flexibility to customize permissions based on their specific requirements. This includes removing permissions that are not needed or adding restrictions to certain transfer actions. For example, if an administrator wants to restrict an agent from performing blind transfers to other agents or external contacts, the administrator will remove the conversation>communication>blindTransfer permission and instead add the conversation>communication>blindTransferQueue permission.

While existing transfer APIs remain unaffected by this change, they will be deprecated in the future.