To see a list of features that are expected to be available in the next weekly Genesys Cloud release, check out the Features coming soon page.

In addition, there are several ways you can review our feature roadmap.

  • Genesys hosts Genesys Cloud webinars that provide quarterly feature roadmaps and detailed product updates. Invitations to the webinars are sent to Genesys customers and partners. If you need an invitation, contact your Genesys Advisor.
  • Genesys has a live roadmap published in the Genesys Cloud Ideas Portal. If you need assistance accessing the Genesys Cloud Ideas Portal, please reach out to your Genesys Advisor. 
  • You can also review the links on Roadmaps and Innovations tile in the Genesys Knowledge Network.
    Roadmap tile in GKN

If you do not see the Roadmaps and Innovations tile, you need to log into the Genesys Knowledge Network. You can see all the publicly available information without a login, but addition information, such as the Roadmaps and Innovations tile, is available to customers and partners. To obtain an account, see the Get Started link under the Sign in section.