FAQ: Why do I see articles on PureCloud features that I don’t have?

There can be a few reasons why the Resource Center mentions features that you don’t see:

  • You don’t have the user permissions. PureCloud features are role-based, meaning that an administrator must assign you a certain role before you can access certain features. For more about permissions, see About People and Permissions and Products, roles, and permissions list.
  • You don’t have the license. Licenses for Collaborate, Communicate, and PureCloud 1, 2, and 3 all provide different features. The features available to you depend on what has been purchased for your organization. 
  • The feature is not released yet. PureCloud adds new features and enhancements every week. In anticipation of updates, the Resource Center can mention features that PureCloud does not have yet but will have very soon. For more information, see Features coming soon and Continuous delivery model.