Genesys Cloud
Enhanced configuration and migration process for AudioHook Monitor

Announced on Effective date
2024-02-28 2024-06-10

In a future release, Genesys will decouple AudioHook Monitor from voice transcription and customers must manually migrate to the new configuration. Concurrently, Genesys will introduce a new AudioHook Monitor configuration, where customers configure it for a queue via the Audio Monitoring Queue setting, rather than via the Voice Transcription UI Queue function. Similarly, Architect’s current Transcription action will change to the External Monitoring action.

After the feature release, Genesys will turn on the new functionality. The legacy functionality will remain active for the 90 day cutover period. At this time, customers must complete the migration by a specific deadline, to be announced, and manually configure the AudioHook Monitor Queue setting and the External Monitoring action. When the migration deadline occurs, Genesys will disable the legacy functionality and end support for AudioHook Monitor via voice transcription.

To disable the legacy functionality on a case-by-case basis during migration, customers can contact Genesys. When the legacy functionality is disabled, queues with only voice transcription will no longer open AudioHook Monitor connections. This option benefits customers with queues that are exclusively enabled for voice transcription and those that are exclusively enabled for AudioHook Monitor. Customers may also choose to disable voice transcription for all queues and use only AudioHook Monitor, or use both voice transcription and AudioHook Monitor on all queues.