• Configure the following permissions in Genesys Cloud CX:
    • Journey > Customer > View (to see information about existing customers)
    • Journey > Event > View (to see events on the customer journey map)
    • Journey > Visit > View (to see live tracking information about visitors who are currently on your website)

    The visit journey map indicates:

    • Which pages a visitor saw and in what order
    • The engagement types that the visitor had with an agent or with Genesys Predictive Engagement while on a page
    • When the visitor matched segments

    To see URLs instead of page titles, click URL.

    Note: If a logged-in user logs out, Predictive Engagement considers the user as a new user and creates a new journey map.

    About the icons

    Messaging icons

    Icon Tooltip Description
    Messaging offered Genesys Predictive Engagement offered messaging to the visitor.
    Messaging accepted Visitor accepted the messaging offer.
    Messaging requested Visitor requested messaging.
    Messaging rejected Visitor rejected the messaging offer.
    Messaging timed out Messaging offer timed out before the visitor responded.
    Messaging ignored Visitor left the website before responding to the messaging offer.

    Chat icons

    Icon Tooltip Description
    Chat offered Genesys Predictive Engagement offered a chat to the visitor.
    Chat accepted Visitor accepted the offer to chat.
    Chat requested Visitor requested a chat.
    Chat rejected Visitor rejected the offer to chat.
    Chat timed out Offer to chat timed out before the visitor responded.
    Chat ignored Visitor left the website before responding to the chat offer.

    Form activity icons

    Icon Tooltip Description
    Form submitted Visitor submitted a form.
    Form abandoned Visitor abandoned the form before completing it.
    Icon Tooltip Description
    Product added to cart Visitor added a product to their shopping cart.
    Product removed from cart Visitor removed a product from their shopping cart.
    Checkout complete Visitor completed the checkout transaction.

    Journey shaping icons

    Icon Tooltip Description
    Outcome achieved Visitor achieved one of your outcomes.
    Segment matched Visitor matched one of your segments.

    Miscellaneous icons

    Icon Tooltip Description
    Page viewed Visitor viewed the page.
    It’s possible for a web session card to have multiple page titles with the same name. If the URL of a page changes, a new line will form on the web session card and the URL will update. We aren’t facilitating dynamic values within a page if a visitor reloads the page.
    Searched Visitor searched for something on your site.
    Default Default icon used when no other icon is applicable.
    Error An error occurred.