Use the LCD to set the Edge Standard v1 pairing region

The Genesys Cloud service is available through multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers located throughout the world. If your organization is located entirely within one global service region, you can define your Genesys Cloud service within the AWS data center that is closest to or within your global service region. In this situation, configure your Edge appliance to communicate with the Genesys Cloud service in the AWS data center for your global service region.

Note: The global pairing LCD menu options do not appear when an Edge is already paired.

Use the LCD to set the Edge pairing region

To configure your Edge appliance to pair with a specific global service region, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Edge, press the lower right button to display Status.

  2. Press the lower right button to display Settings.

  3. Press the upper left button to display Region.

  4. Press the upper left button to enter the Region submenu.

    The LCD displays Auto-detect.

  5. Press the lower right button until the LCD displays the global service region with which you want to pair the Edge appliance, for example, Asia Pacific.

  6. When the LCD displays the appropriate global service region, press the upper left button to display Apply Changes?

  7. Press the upper left button to confirm the change of the global service region.

    The Edge sets the specified AWS region for the pairing process and exits the menu.

Important! If your organization spans multiple global service regions and you want to run your Genesys Cloud service as a single entity, configure all Edge appliances in any global location to use the same AWS data center in a single global region. For example, if the headquarters for your organization is in North America and uses an AWS data center in the North American region to register, define, and administer the Genesys Cloud service, then all other global locations must pair their Edge appliances with the North American AWS region.