Use the debug feature in Architect to test a separate version of a flow prior to publishing it. This feature lets you listen to the flow from the caller’s point of view by calling it from Genesys Cloud. 

Note: Currently, the debug feature is available to English language-only flows. If you debug a flow with additional languages, or languages other than English, the flow will not debug properly.

In debug mode, the flow provides additional system information to the flow author. For example, actions taken or results of decision processes. You can dial a SIP address that specifically calls the flow. The flow to debug cannot contain validation errors. 

Note: Placing a call to a flow in debug mode only allows you to experience what a caller will hear when this flow is published and assigned to a number or schedule. Before you enable the debug feature, ensure all supported languages set on the flow support TTS.

To create a debug version of a flow open the Publish menu and select Debug. The Debug Enabled dialog box opens with confirmation that the flow can be debugged.

Replace YourCallFlow with the name of the flow you plan to debug. For example: YourCallFlow-debug@localhost.

Note: If your flow name contains spaces or special characters, use the URL-encoded name. Architect automatically provides the URL-encoded string, allowing you to copy and paste directly from the Debug Enabled dialog box. For example, if the flow name is Main Call Flow, the Debug Enabled dialog box returns sip:Main%20Call%20Flow-debug@localhost.

To debug a flow

  1. From the Architect home page, click or hover over the Flows menu and select the desired flow type.
  2. Click the flow you want to open. The flow’s configuration page opens.
  3. Click the arrow at the end of the Publish menu and select Debug. Architect validates the flow, enables it for debugging, and returns a message to inform you that debug is enabled.
  4. In Genesys Cloud, place a call to the flow using the following pattern:YourCallFlow-debug@localhost
  5. Depending on your experience, use the audible results to continue configuring the flow in Architect, or publish the flow and assign it to a number or schedule.