If customers send certain single word messages, then Genesys Cloud automatically responds:

  • STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT: The sender will no longer receive messages from the number.
  • START, YES, and UNSTOP: The sender will start receiving messages from the number again.
  • HELP and INFO: The sender receives information about the opt in and out messages.

Genesys Cloud does not route HELP and INFO messages for long codes or toll free numbers, but does route these messages for short codes. Genesys Cloud attempts to route all other opt-out keywords. If you don’t want these messages routed to agents, then you can configure your message flow in Architect to filter these messages out. Use the decision action to check the contents of the message using the Message.Message.Body variable.

Note: If the interaction is already waiting in queue or connected to an agent, then the agent still receives opt-out messages because the interaction does not go through the Architect flow.