User to User Information (UUI) is exchanging or passing data that is unrelated to the call from one application to another. Architect supports UUI data exchange on call flows. The built-in, read-only Call.UUIData variable is a string type and allows you to read UUI data that enters the call flow. The Set UUI Data action allows you to pass UUI data, and is available for transfer actions and disconnect actions.

Note: Before Genesys Cloud recognizes incoming or outgoing UUI data, you must enable the UUI Passthrough settings. For more information, see Enable the User to User Information settings.

Although a flow receives UUI data when the system sets the read-only Call.UUIData variable, that data does not automatically pass out of the flow. To pass UUI data, always call the Set UUI Data action and specify whether to send the supplied UUI data on disconnect, in which case it is returned to the initiating application, or transfer it through the flow. 

  • The Call.UUIData variable is not available in secure call flows. UUI data does not transfer into secure flows.
  • To pass data into a secure flow, use invocation data when you transfer to the secure call flow. Then, access the data in the secure call flow with the built-in Flow.InvocationData variable.
  • You can set UUI data in a secure call flow and then retrieve the UUI data in non-secure flows with the built-in Call.UUIData variable.

When designing a UUI data exchange for your organization, consider the following: 

  • To send UUI data on both disconnect and transfers, make two calls to the Set UUI Data action.
  • You can send different data on a disconnect than on a transfer, or you can send the same data.
  • The UUI data content depends on your application. The application can create data from scratch, or it can modify any UUI data that passes into the flow.
  • Whether you pass on unmodified data is entirely up to you. To clear UUI data, in the Set UUI Data action, pass in an empty string (“”). To not pass on UUI data, pass in NOT_SET; in this case, the flow does not send or pass on UUI data regardless of whether it is a disconnect or transfer.
  • You can call the Set UUI Data action more than once. The system uses the value supplied to the last time that it called the action.
Important: Genesys Cloud does not limit the number of characters in a UUI data string. However, some systems can discard data that exceeds 128 characters. The best practice is to limit UUI data to 128 characters or fewer.
Action Description
Name The label you enter here becomes the name of the Set UUI Data node in the flow structure.
Outgoing UUI Data

Click the arrow at the end of the list and select one of the following:

  • For Transfers
  • For Disconnects
Enter expression

Enter the expression that you want to use to send the UUI data.