When two organizations pair, the partner administrator requests authorization for the users who performs the work in the client’s organization. The client’s administrator assigns the roles for the partner’s users.

If needed, the same process of requesting and authorizing users can reoccur later. The maximum number of authorized users that can access another organization is 25.

Note: When granting system access to another user or group (“permitted user”), be aware that you are responsible for how the permitted user uses your system. Genesys is not responsible for any misuse of data, change to configuration, etc.

  1. Click Clients.
  2. Click the client’s name in its tile.
  3. Click Manage. In the Add New Person box, begin typing the name of the person who needs access.
  4. Click the user in the list. 
    Note: The user does not yet have any roles in the organization, and therefore cannot perform work in it. An administrator in the partner’s organization must authorize the user first.
  5. The partner’s administrator grants access and assign the roles to the user. For more information on how your clients authorize your users, see Authorize users to work in your organization.