The Genesys Cloud API learning path provides an overview of available Genesys Cloud APIs and their capabilities, as well as information for additional resources and support.

Business objectives:

  • Understand available Genesys Cloud APIs and what they are used for (platform, web hooks, web chat, web service data dip APIs)
  • Make a successful API call
  • Create, update, and delete a Genesys Cloud object using the APIs
  • Understand a sample application making API calls and using the notification service
  • Understand capabilities of the Platform Analytics API
  • Understand available OpenSource resources
  • Navigate resources for additional information, services, and support

Customer requirements:

  • Active Genesys Cloud organization
  • Completion of Genesys Cloud Core Enablement
  • Experience with web request/response, including headers and bodies
  • Familiarity with JSON


Topic Recommended customer roles Resource materials
API Overview & Authentication
  • Developer
API Calls & Notifications
  • Developer
Platform Analytics API
  • Developer
API Sample Application
  • Developer
Resources & Support Review
  • Developer