Next Loop action

Next Loop actions are only valid for use inside a Loop action. This action is most helpful when, during the loop iteration, the flow encounters a false outcome and you want it to continue to the next iteration. When a flow hits a Next Loop action, execution returns to the containing Loop action and begins the next loop iteration. You can rename this action, or leave the default Next Loop title.

Note: Next Loop is valid only when used inside a Loop action, and does not include output paths for more actions. 

For example, let’s assume you have a currency collection and want to iterate through the items in the collection. If any of the currencies in the collection have a blank or NOT_SET code, you want to assign the code of “USD.” In this case, we use the following collection:

Item 0 - amount: 10.00 code: EUR
Item 1 - amount: 15 code :NOT_SET
Item 2 - amount: 5.00 code: USD

Note: This example assumes that the currency items in the collection are not NOT_SET.

Within a flow, you might set up a Loop action followed by a Decision action that determines whether the Currency code is blank or NOT_SET. The Decision action uses an expression such as IsNotSetOrEmtpy(CurrencyCollection[index]. In the Decision action’s No output, add a Next Loop action because at this point in the flow, no additional processing is necessary on the item in the collection, and you can move on to the next loop iteration. In the Decision action’s Yes output, you might set up an Update Data action to set the code on the currency item.