Exit Loop actions are only valid for use inside a Loop action to break, or exit the loop. Use the Exit Loop action in a Loop action to terminate the current loop iteration, leave the loop action, and continue the flow execution by moving to the following action.

This action is most helpful when, during the loop iteration, the flow successfully acquires needed information and can end the loop and move on within the flow. You can rename this action, or leave the default Exit Loop title.

Note: Exit Loop is valid only when used inside a Loop action, and does not include output paths for more actions. 

For example, let’s assume the flow needs a specific item in a collection, such a Euro set as shown in this collection:

Item 0 - amount: 10.00 code: EUR
Item 1 - amount: 15 code :NOT_SET
Item 2 - amount: 5.00 code: USD

Note: This example assumes that the currency items in the collection are not NOT_SET.

In this case, a flow author might set up a loop that includes a Decision action to determine if the currency’s code is EUR (Euros). At runtime, after the first loop cycle the flow finds that the currency does contain a EUR code. Set the flow with a Task.CollectionHasEuros = true and then use the Exit Loop action to end the loop without further processing.