Gather console logs on Firefox

Console and network logs provide visibility into the actions and events on an agent’s computer when problems occur. When combined with Cloud-side logging, console and network logs provide Customer Care with a full picture of an issue. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to troubleshoot issues with incomplete information.

The method to get a console log on Mac and Windows is the same:

  1. In Firefox, click > Web Developer > Web Console. The web console appears.
  2. To the upper right of the console, select the Persist Logs check box.
  3. Above the Persist Logs check box, click .
  4. Select .
  5. In the Web Console section, select the Enable timestamps check box.
  6. Click the Console tab, and the console reappears.
  7. Leave the console open and perform the steps that reproduce the issue.
  8. Select and copy the console log text.
  9. Paste the log into a plain text file.
  10. Upload the file to the support ticket along with any other requested information. Use My Support to open and manage your support cases.