The steps in this tutorial only apply to users who are on the GCNow free trial.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to receive and respond to emails using your GCNow trial organization.

  1. First, copy the email address.
    1. On the top navigation pane, click Admin.
    2. Under Contact Center, click Email.
    3. Click the domain that appears.
    4. Copy the email address from the domain.
  2. To send an email to the copied address, use any email client.
  3. On the rightmost corner of the top navigation pane, turn on the Off Queue toggle to go on queue.
    Note: The toggle and your profile icon are highlighted in blue, which indicates that you are on queue. The Interactions panel opens and incoming email messages appear in the Conversations list.
  4. To read the message, click Answer.
  5. Read the message and click Reply.
  6. Type a response.
  7. Click Send. Verify that you received the response in your email client.
  8. In your GCNow trial organization, click Done to end the interaction.