Example of an unanswered outbound call trigger

The following is a trigger created for an outbound call that is connected to an agent for less than one second. The call is an unanswered call or a voicemail prompt that the agent hangs up.

This image is a screenshot of a trigger example to send an SMS for a missed call.


When the conditions of the trigger are met, the trigger invokes the selected workflow. The trigger evaluates every conversation with customer end events. If an event meets all the conditions specified in the trigger, it invokes the specified workflow. In this example, the trigger evaluates the following conditions for customer end conversation events:

  • The direction is outbound.
  • The media type is voice.
  • The time of connection is less than 1 second.

These conditions are available as input parameters to the workflow. When you design the workflow, the flow must include only these input parameters. Anything other than these input parameters results in failure of the flow. You can design the workflow to send an SMS to the customer about the reason for the call. Some examples include:

  • Use the information in the event message such as the callback number or callback ANI.
  • Use the Get Conversation Data action to retrieve the specific participant data.
  • Use the Get External Contact action to retrieve information about an existing external contact.
  • Use one or more data actions to retrieve relevant information from an external data store.
  • Use a data action to invoke the agentless SMS endpoint to send the SMS.