When a feature within Genesys Cloud requires deprecation, the structured deprecation process ensures a smooth execution of the necessary steps to publish the deprecation announcement in the Resource Center. Deprecations encompass a spectrum of changes, from breaking and non-breaking API adjustments to the end of support for third-party software. Users can also access details about alterations to permissions or configurations.

The active execution of the Deprecation Process becomes instrumental in communicating these transformations effectively. This process ensures that users are well informed about changes, providing them with the knowledge needed to adapt and optimize their use of Genesys Cloud.

As Genesys Cloud continues to evolve, the Deprecation Process remains a pivotal aspect of maintaining transparency and facilitating a smooth transition for users. By detailing changes comprehensively, Genesys Cloud empowers users to stay ahead and make informed decisions, ensuring a seamless experience within the platform.

For more information, see Feature deprecations.