To turn off the integration temporarily, deactivate it. For example, you might want to deactivate an integration when you do maintenance on your Salesforce account. When you deactivate the integration, Genesys Cloud suspends the data sync process and doesn’t sync any changes to Salesforce data. When you reactivate the integration, Genesys Cloud syncs all changes that accumulated while the integration was inactive.

  • This action does not affect data Genesys Cloud has previously synced.
  • If you deactivate an integration, no triggered syncs occur.
  • If you reactivate an integration after deactivating it for longer than 15 days, some items that were deleted in Salesforce might remain in Genesys Cloud. This behavior occurs because of how long Salesforce keeps deleted items before permanently removing them.
  • If you deactivate an integration for longer than 30 days and then reactivate it, a full sync may occur. In this case, you may experience a delay while the syncing process completes.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Integrations, click Integrations.
  3. To the right of the integration that you’d like to deactivate, click More .
  4. From the list, click Delete Integration.
    Alternatively, click Active. The option changes to Inactive.
  5. A Change Status window appears. To confirm the status change, click Yes.