Service goal groups associate queues to management units and configure service performance goals. Each management unit can contain a maximum of 50 service goal groups and a maximum of 50 queue associations.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Management Units. The Management Units page opens.
  3. Under Configuration, click Service Goal Groups.
  4. In the upper right corner, click the Management Unit list and select the desired management unit.
  5. Click Add . The Add Service Goal Group page opens.
  6. In the Service Goal Group Name text box, type a descriptive name for the group.

You must configure at least one service goal. With the system’s multi-objective optimization, scheduling can handle more than one goal.

  1. Under Service Goals, set up the service level:
    1. Turn on Service Level.
    2. Under Interactions Answered, use the Percent up and down arrows to set the desired percentage of interactions answered within the time period. The default value is 80%; acceptable values are 0–100.
    3. Under Within Time Period, set the desired time period for the percent answered interactions using the Minutes and Seconds up and down arrows.
  2. (Optional) Set up the average speed of answer:
    1. Turn on Average Speed of Answer.
    2. Set the desired average speed of answer using the Minutes and Seconds up and down arrows.
  3. (Optional) Set up an abandonment rate goal:
    1. Turn on Abandonment Rate.
    2. Set the desired abandonment rate percent using the Percent up and down arrows.

You must select one queue and at least one media type for a valid queue association.

  1. Under Queue Associations, click Add Queue Association.
  2. Begin typing the first few letters of the queue and click Apply.
  3. Select the desired queue from the list.
  4. Under Media Types, select Chat, Voice, CallbackEmail, or Message; or select all types.
  5. Click Add, and then click Save.