Series: Email rules

Architect evaluates the rules associated with the email flow, and makes a routing decision based on the predefined conditions. The built-in email builder lets you select from canned options.

  1. Open an existing email flow or create a new one.
  2. Drag a Decision action to the appropriate location in the flow.
  3. Optionally name the action.
  4. Under Expression, click the Functions button and select Email Builder. The Email Builder dialog box opens.
  5. To create the email rule, click Email and select one of the following canned options:
    • Check email body
    • Check email sender domain
    • Check email sender name
    • Check email subject or body
    • Email subject contains
  6. In the sequence item you added, click Enter value and add the string you want the rule to check.
  7. Repeat steps 5–6 for each additional sequence item you want to add to the rule.
  8. To view the expression generated by the Email Builder, click Show Generated Expression.
  9. To open the Edit expression dialog and further refine the expression, click convert to custom expression.
    Note: If you choose to convert to custom expression, Architect saves the generated expression. However, if you return to the Email builder, Architect resets the expression and you lose your changes.
  10. Click Save.

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