Series: Set up CX Cloud, Digital and AI for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Create an OAuth Client for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

  • OAuth > Client > Add permission in Genesys Cloud.

To allow the Lightning app in Salesforce Service Cloud Voice to receive a token, which allows it to make requests to the Genesys Cloud API. The token represents the user’s permissions for the app to access Genesys Cloud data. It is used when the app must authorize a request to an API endpoint. 

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Integrations, click OAuth.
  3. Click Add client. The Client Details tab appears.
  4. Set App Name to a descriptive name of the app. This name is shown when someone authorizes this OAuth client.
  5. (Optional) Type a brief description of the app in the Description box.
  6. Next, set the duration of time until tokens created with this client expire. Accept the default duration, or enter a value between 300 and 172800 seconds. This sets the lifetime of the token to a maximum of 2 days or less.
  7. Select Token Implicit Grant as the Grant Types. Grant Types set the way an application gets an access token.
    Implicit Grant (Browser): A single-step authentication process where a user authenticates with Genesys Cloud and the client application is directly returned an access token. This option provides less security for the access token than the authorization code grant, but is ideal for client-side browser applications (for example, JavaScript) and most desktop applications (for example, .NET WPF/WinForms or Java desktop programs).
  8. In the Authorised redirect URIs box, enter your Salesforce Service cloud URI for the OAuth configuration. Your Salesforce URI is in the format of, where xxxx is the name of your Salesforce org.
  9. Click the Scope box and add the following list of scopes to your app:
    • conversations
    • notifications
    • presence
    • response-management:readonly
    • routing:readonly
    • upload
    • users:readonly
  10. Click Save. Genesys Cloud creates a Client ID and a Client Secret (token).