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The Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) is a telephony service that allows people with hearing or speech disabilities to use a phone to make and receive telephone calls. TRS is available in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the United States territories for local and long-distance calls.

You can find the TRS number for your state in the Telecommunications Relay Services Directory.

To allow Genesys Cloud users to use TRS, you must create a special number plan.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Sites.
  3. Select your site from the Site Name list.
  4. Click the Number Plans tab.
  5. Click New Number Plan.
  6. Enter a name in the Number Plan Name box.
  7. Select Regular Expression from the Match Type list
  8. Enter the following regular expression in the Match Expression box:


  9. Consult TRS directory and enter the TRS number for your state in the Normalized Number Expression box.
  10. Select National from the Classification list.
  11. Click Save Number Plans.