Genesys Cloud
Genesys Cloud content delivery: transition to CloudFront URLs

Announced on Effective date
2024-07-08 -

In a future Genesys Cloud release, content delivery will transition from direct S3 URLs to CloudFront URLs. This change allows organizations to remove * from their firewall allowlist to enhance security.

Genesys will notify the organization about network configuration requirements before this release. For more information, see Domains for the firewall allowlist.

Note: Misconfigurations in firewall or other applications may affect access to Genesys Cloud content or the platform.

This update does not require changes to network configurations. However, the organization may reduce the firewall allowlist for Genesys Cloud access after this release. The announcement will appear in Features coming soon and the Genesys Cloud release notes. Post-release, the Domains for the firewall allowlist article will remove *