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Updated journey tracking capabilities

Announced on Effective date
2023-11-08 2023-12-13

A future release of journey tracking capabilities will introduce the ability to track, segment and orchestrate mobile events. It will be available for mobile-specific segments, outcomes and action map pages. With this update, you will have more control and insight into app based user navigations and mobile-specific outcomes through our Admin console.

What’s new

  • Redesigned create segment and create outcome UI: Provides a more comprehensive view of mobile events and user actions.
  • Event source selection: Distinguish between web or app interactions.
  • App-specific customer journeys: Define and track customer journeys specific to your mobile app.
  • App-specific customer attributes: Customize and capture app-specific customer attributes for a more customized analysis.
  • Conditions for user activities: Define segments or outcomes based on searches, button clicks, and screen views.
  • Renamed visitor characteristics: Visitor Characteristics is now called Customer Attributes.
  • App-specific attributes: Select new app-specific attributes, such as app name, app namespace, app version, and app build number.
  • Action maps UI: Select new app-specific segments to trigger proactive engagements in your app. Outcome probabilities are not available with app specific segments and action maps.

For more information, see Manage segments, Manage outcomes, and Create an action map. 

To take a visual tour, please watch the video below.