Genesys Cloud - Version – December 4, 2019

Genesys found a regression in Edge and Media Tier version for on-premises deployments. The regression does not affect cloud deployments (Genesys Cloud Voice and BYOC Cloud).
  • Genesys stopped automatic updates for on-premises deployments on December 13, 2019.
  • On-premises deployments already upgraded to version can choose to remain on it.
  • Version remains the active automatic update version for cloud deployments.
  • A new Edge and Media Tier version will be available after the new year for both cloud and on-premises deployments.

Manual and auto-update availability

  • Genesys made manual updates in all regions available the week of December 5, 2019.
  • Genesys enabled auto-update for all regions on December 11, 2019, but stopped auto-update for on-premises deployments on December 13.
  • Automatic updates roll out to customers over a 10-day period during their organization’s defined maintenance window.

Enhancements and fixes

  • Updated the default security method value for WebRTC phone trunks to TLSv1.2.
  • Resolved group ring issue where the caller does not hear ringback when a remote station responds with 183 and SDP.
  • Resolved issue where the voicemail application does not handle fax detection correctly for inbound voice calls routed to voicemail.
  • Resolved consult call issue where changing the speakTo party results in hold music played while two parties are speaking to each other.
  • Call analysis model updates for Japan (ja-JP).