Mini and micro versions of Genesys Cloud Edge

Mini and micro versions of the Genesys Cloud Edge appliance are now available. These devices are more affordable than the standard version of the Edge device and are intended for smaller capacity and branch office Genesys Cloud deployments. The new Edge devices are small, cloud-managed network appliances that provide core telephony services for Genesys Cloud. For more information, see Edge documentation resources.

Virtual Edge deployment option 

Telephony admins can now create a Virtual Edge pairing token, which is necessary for deployment, from the Genesys Cloud UI. The UI also provides easy access to downloads for the Virtual Edge file image and install script. For more information, see Download the Virtual Edge and obtain a pairing token and Edge documentation resources.

Contact center

Auto answer for Genesys Cloud web-based phones

The Genesys Cloud web-based phone now supports auto answer. For more information, see Turn on auto answer for agents.