DID and toll-free number management enhancements

Genesys has improved the way that administrators set up and assign DID and toll-free numbers. The updated UI allows administrators to assign numbers to a person, a phone, or a call flow. For more information, see Manage DID and toll-free number ranges and Manage DID and toll-free number assignments

Contact center

External Calling dialing mode for outbound campaigns

Outbound administrators can now use the new External Calling dialing mode to run campaigns with a third-party desktop dialer, such as Gryphon Networks (available on the AppFoundry). This feature enables customers located in the United States or conducting business there to comply with the Telephone Customer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations that prohibit auto-dialing. For more information, see Create an external calling campaign.

Reset Performance views to default settings 

Contact center managers, supervisors, and agents can now reset Performance views to the original default settings. This feature makes it easy to return any view with modified columns and column order back to the default set. For more information, see About reports, views, and dashboards.

Filter by multiple items in Performance views

Contact center managers and supervisors can now select multiple items to filter by in many Performance views. For example, supervisors can select to filter by multiple users, queues, surveys, DNIS numbers, or wrap-up codes in a view. For more information, see Views in About reports, views, and dashboards.

Filter by skills and languages in Skills Performance view

Contact center managers and supervisors can now filter by skills and languages in the Skills Performance view. This enhancement improves search capability by filtering for groups based on their skills and languages, and helps supervisors determine performance issues with skill groups. For more information, see Skills Performance view.

Launch workflows from the Architect API

Administrators and developers can now launch Architect workflows using the public API. Administrators create workflows in Architect, and Predictive Engagement administrators use Architect flow actions to configure action maps that integrate with third-party systems. For more information, see /api/v2/flows/executions under Architect API Resources in the Developer Center, Work with workflows, and About Architect.

Contact verification and interaction history enhancements for all regions

Enhancements to contact verification and interaction histories for chats and calls were deployed to the remaining regions: US East (N. Virginia) (us-east-1), US West (Oregon) (us-west-2), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) (ap-northeast-1). With this final deployment, Genesys Cloud now automatically verifies a contact when an interaction begins, and displays abandoned and self-service interactions in interaction histories in all regions. For more information, see Contact verification overview, Find, view, and verify a contact’s profile, View the interaction history for a contact, and View interaction history for an organization.