January 15, 2020

Contact center

Altocloud tracking in Single Page Applications

Altocloud now provides a tracking snippet specifically for web pages designed as Single Page Applications. Administrators can track websites developed as Single Page Applications without additional JavaScript development. For more information, see Types of tracking snippets in Tracking snippet.

Wallboard accounts to view Performance dashboards

Administrators can now create wallboard accounts for selected users to view Performance dashboards, without requiring a full PureCloud user license. For more information, see Create a wallboard account.

PureCloud Voice support for outbound dialing modes in EMEA

PureCloud Voice now supports running an outbound dialing campaign in EMEA using all outbound dialing modes. Previously, the call volume limitation on PureCloud Voice EMEA carriers prevented the use of all outbound dialing modes except Preview mode. For more information, see About PureCloud Voice and Dialing modes.