Genesys Cloud - April 10, 2019


Advanced microphone settings

Agents now have more granular control over microphone settings. The advanced microphone settings feature allows agents to enable or disable some or all of the microphone sound processing settings to improve call quality. This feature is currently available for the Genesys Cloud desktop and web apps. For more information, see Set Genesys Cloud sound level preferences.

Contact center

Architect Transfer to voicemail enhancements

Administrators and contact center managers can now configure flows to transfer interactions to a group’s voicemail. Administrators and managers can also specify alternate exit path behavior if the transfer to voicemail fails. These enhancements help ensure that the interactions route more efficiently and to the appropriate recipient. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later. For more information, see Transfer to Group action and Transfer to Voicemail action. 

Improved external contact search results for web chat

Genesys Cloud now searches email addresses and phone numbers to verify external contacts on web chat interactions. This feature improves search results and saves agents time and effort. For more information, see Contact verification overview.