Genesys Cloud
Staffing groups for enhanced time-off management

Announced on Effective date
2024-02-21 2024-03-11

In a future Genesys Cloud release, Genesys will introduce staffing groups for time-off limits and plans. Staffing groups enable you to create smaller groups of agents based on specific criteria such as shift, skill, language, or queue. For instance, you can group agents that belong to the Morning Shift. These staffing groups adhere to their own designated time-off limits and provide tailored and efficient time-off management. You can also create staffing groups for time-off plans to group agents based on their designated staffing group, rather than the entire management unit. This feature ensures more precise, flexible time-off plan rules and aligns time-off management closely with operational needs and agent preferences.

For a visual tour, see the following video.