The selection of one of the following evaluation policies depends on the individual use case and process your organization follows. 

  • Assign Evaluations by Interactions – Automatically assigns an evaluation for every matching interaction. You can specify a form and one or multiple evaluators. If multiple evaluators are specified, they will each be assigned the same set of evaluations to complete.
    • Use case(s):
      • A subset of agents should have all their interactions evaluated (for example: new hires).
      • Compliance monitoring that requires that every interaction with potential issues should be evaluated.
  • Assign Evaluations by Evaluators – Limits how many evaluations Genesys Cloud assigns to the specified agents, per the user defined interaction matching criteria.
    • Use case(s):
      • When you want to ensure a specific number of evaluations to be assigned per evaluator in a given time interval. For example, you can configure this policy to generate and assign 10 evaluations per selected evaluator for a specific type of interaction, regardless if the number of interactions that match the criteria is greater than 10.
  • Assign Evaluations by Agents – Automatically assigns the specified number of evaluations per period, for each agent listed in the Matching Criteria. 
    • Use case(s):
      • When you want to ensure that an even distribution and a specific number of evaluations per assigned agents are generated. For example, if your weekly quota per agent is 2 evaluations, you can setup this policy type to assign 2 evaluations every week, to use the specific form of your choosing and, to assign them to a specific evaluator or set of evaluators.

  • When a policy has an action to Assign Evaluations by Evaluator, Assign Evaluations by Interactions, or Assign Calibration Evaluations, the policy selects the first agent connected to the interaction as the agent to be evaluated.
  • When a policy creates an evaluation for Assign evaluations by agents, the policy selects the last agent that participated in the interaction. The policy will not select a user who was a monitor or coach.