All non-recurring charges are invoiced immediately after your order is placed. Invoices for hardware are sent after your hardware ships.

For Annual pre-pay subscriptions: your annual subscription invoice is sent after you place your order. During your ramp period, you receive monthly invoices for the actual charges billed in arrears. After the ramp, you receive monthly invoices only if there is usage beyond the contractual commitment.

For Annual monthly subscriptions: you receive your service invoices on a monthly basis during the ramp period for the actual charges billed in arrears. At the end of the ramp period, your invoice includes the actual charges for the prior period and your pre-pay based upon your committed number of users. You continue to receive monthly invoices during your subscription period for your pre-pay commitment. Any usage beyond your established (pre-paid) commitment is included on the invoice and is billed in arrears based on actual usage for the previous billing period.

For Monthly subscriptions: you receive monthly invoices. During the ramp period, we bill in arrears based on actual usage. Once your subscription begins, we bill in arrears for the committed monthly user subscription or the actual user subscription, whichever is greater. Other charges based on your subscription may appear as well.