Can Genesys Cloud use the AWS CloudFront service?

Yes. Genesys Cloud utilizes a variety of different AWS services. One service in particular is AWS CloudFront. For more information see Amazon’s AWS CloudFront page.

Although Genesys Cloud has tested compatibility with AWS Direct Connect and AWS CloudFront, there are certain limitations and requirements that you must consider when you implement this technology. 


The AWS CloudFront service allows your Genesys Cloud organization to connect to an AWS CloudFront Edge that is in closest proximity to your location. This service provides you with quicker responses and less latency while retrieving Genesys Cloud content hosted in AWS. However, AWS manages CloudFront and as such Genesys Cloud cannot provide connections to specific AWS CloudFront Edge endpoints.

AWS has stated that some AWS CloudFront Edge locations are not available across AWS Direct Connect due to the CloudFront Edge location not being on the AWS backbone. Unfortunately, AWS does not provide a list of which CloudFront Edge locations are unavailable on AWS Direct Connect. 


To use a Direct Connect connection with Genesys Cloud effectively, you must have Internet access at your location.