Yes. While the Geo-Lookup TURN feature and the TURN Behavior feature are designed to work independently of one another, they definitely can work together. The TURN Behavior feature is designed to narrow down the number of open outbound ports on your firewall needed for Genesys Cloud’s WebRTC client implementation to access the TURN services. And, the Geo-Lookup TURN feature optimizes the network path for WebRTC calls routed through those cloud TURN services, such that they access the closest TURN service.

Note: To properly use Geo-Lookup TURN with TURN Behavior, allow firewall access to all the IP addresses and regions listed in the Turn Behavior article. At the least, allow access to the IP addresses in the regions where you expect WebRTC client traffic to come from.

For more information, see Use the TURN Behavior feature and Configure your site for Global Media Fabric.