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Collapsible cards in Architect actions

Announced on Effective date
2024-02-21 -

In a future Genesys Cloud release, Architect actions will feature collapsible cards instead of nested accordions. This interface change offers several advantages to flow authors.

  • Creates a clear visual hierarchy and call-to-action, simplifying the identification of crucial elements for focus.
  • Enhances section differentiation, enabling a clearer understanding of their interrelation.
  • Provides the flexibility to collapse cards, allowing users to quickly access key information.
  • Offers the option to expand cards to unveil finer configuration details as required.
  • Call Audio Connector
  • Call Bot Connector
  • Call Dialogflow Bot
  • Call Dialogflow CX Bot
  • Call Lex Bot
  • Call Lex V2 Bot
  • Clear Slot
  • Get Secured Data
  • Get Conversation Data
  • Get Participant Data
  • Loop Until
  • Set Conversation Data
  • Set Secured Data
  • Set Participant Data
  • Switch
  • Update Data