Announced on Effective date
2023-11-15 2024-02-27

In a future release of callback analytics, the accuracy of agent handle time will be enhanced. This will be achieved through the introduction of a new segment in the callback section, which marks the time when agents are active during the call portion. The new segment will now be visible in a new column within the interactions view under ‘Active Total Callback’. This addition ensures that the time an agent spends actively participating in the call portion of the callback is captured without being factored into the calculation of handle time hereby preventing a double count and an inflated handle time. The Active Total Callback information will be integrated into the Analytics API. You can access this data through the metrics tActiveCallback and tActiveCallbackComplete, providing a view of agent activity during callback interactions. For more information, please refer to the Genesys Community post. To take a visual tour, please watch the following video.