Troubleshoot custom expression disappears when switching to Sequence Builder


Switching from the sequence builder from the custom expression builder discards the custom expression.


When you create or review an expression in the Custom Expression Builder and switch back to the Sequence Builder, the Sequence Builder re-configures the sequence—it does not interpret the custom expression text. In this case, switching to the sequence builder will discard any changes made in the custom expression.

However, if a sequence built in Sequence Builder contains an error, viewing it in expression mode may be helpful in troubleshooting internal sequence dialog errors. Click an error link  to open and edit the expression in the Edit Expression dialog. This process will not reconfigure the sequence.


Before you select Switch to sequence builder, copy the custom expression to your browser’s clipboard.

If you do not copy the expression and attempt to switch to the sequence builder, Architect returns a message, asking you to confirm whether you want to continue. To switch without copying the custom expression, select Continue. To copy the custom expression before you switch, click Cancel.