The automated, free trial is currently available in these AWS regions and countries

To sign up for the free trial:

  1. Navigate to the free trial landing page.
  2. Enter your email address, select your country or region, and click Get free trial.
  3. Create your free account.
    1. On the free trial signup page, select a language.
    2. Enter your first name and last name.
    3. Enter your work email address.
    4. Select the verification captcha.
    5. Accept the terms and conditions.
    6. Click Get Started.
  4. Enter the information required for the setup.
    1. Add your organization name.
    2. Select your country and enter your mobile number.
    3. Select your region.
    4. Click Next.
  5. Enter the verification code that you received on your mobile and click Verify.
  6. When you receive your activation email, close the Check your email notification page.
    Note: If you do not receive the activation email, click Click here to resend.
  7. On the email that you receive, click ACTIVATE or copy and paste the URL into a browser.
  8. Review your account information, create your password on the Create your password page, and click, Next.
  9. Review your trial details and then, click Activate.
  10. The Genesys Cloud configuration can take a few minutes to complete. Then, the Welcome to Genesys Cloud CX page appears.
  11. Log in to Genesys Cloud.

        • You cannot use public email services such as Gmail.
        • You cannot create more than two trials in a 120-day period for a given email domain or SMS number. This includes:
          • Three trials per 120 days for a given email domain
          • And one trial per 120 days for a given SMS number