Set up AWS Direct Connect for use with PureCloud


Use Amazon’s AWS Direct Connect Getting Started to create a Direct Connect connection. This article provides an overview and highlights specific configuration choices that you must make while setting up Direct Connect in order for it to work with PureCloud. 

  1. Select the correct AWS region so that you can later select the correct location for the Direct Connect connection.

    1.  Click the region tab in the upper right corner of the AWS console. AWS region tab
    2. Choose the region that you plan to use for Direct Connect.
  2. Complete Steps 1 and 2 of AWS Direct Connect Getting Started guide. These steps guide you through signing up for an Amazon Web Services account and submitting a Direct Connect connection request.

    After you create a connection, the connection is pending. Once the connection is completed, it appears in the list of connections:

    AWS Direct Connect connections

  3. Complete Step 3 of the guide, which explains how to download the LOA-CFA and complete the cross connect.
  4. When the Direct Connect connection is available, you must create a virtual interface, which Step 5 of Amazon’s user guide explains. 

    Important: Select Public for the type of virtual interface. PureCloud does not support Private.AWS public virtual interface

    AWS verifies any networks that you list in Prefixes you want to advertise before they approve the public virtual interface. After you create the virtual interfaces, it can take up to 72 hours for AWS to verify the public prefixes that you are advertising to AWS. If your regional registry (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE NCC, AFRINIC, or LACNIC) does not have your company listed as owner of the prefixes being advertised to AWS, then AWS requires a Letter of Authorization (LOA) or an email from the carrier that provided the public prefixes. If the prefixes must be verified, then AWS Direct Connect Requests typically sends an email to the email address that is associated with the AWS account.