The following options are available in the Work Plans view.

Area Description
Shifts Click this button to work with shifts. For more information, see Configure the work plan’s daily shifts.
Agents Click this button to add and manage agents in a work plan. For more information, see Add agents to the work plan.
Work plan name Click here to add or update the work plan’s name.
Validate and Save When you create a work plan, Genesys Cloud checks it for any issues. You must resolve errors before you can save a work plan. You can save a work plan that has Warnings and information notices. You can also optionally copy information to the Clipboard for review.
Copy, add, or delete a shift

You can copy, add, or delete a shift.

  1. Select the desired shift.
  2. Click the button for the appropriate action.
Zoom in or out

Zooming options allow you customize the shift view:

  • Zoom In allows you to drill down and view the shift in more detai
  • Zoom Out allows you to view the shift at a higher level for a larger time period.
Set up shift activities

To add an activity to the shift:

  1. Click the arrow at the end of the activity code list and select the activity you want to add.
  2. Click and hold the + button, and then drag the activity to the desired location in the shift.
  3. Optionally use the sizing arrows to adjust the length of the activity.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for any additional activities you want to add.
Weekly paid time

Click here to open the Edit Work Plans Details dialog box, where you can set up the work plan’s configuration. For more information, see set up the work plan’s configuration.

Preview the shift start time

When you set a shift’s start time, you can optionally allow for flexibility in the shift’s starting time. If you configure flexible start times, you can preview the shift at each incremental configured start time by clicking the left and right arrows under Preview shift at.

Add days to a shift

To add days to a daily shift, click each desired day.

Daily paid time

Click here to open the Edit Shift dialog box, where you can configure the daily shift. 

Navigate the shift

In this area, you can:

  • Use the scroll bar to move and view the shift.
  • Double-click an activity to modify or delete it.
  • Hover over an activity to view details about it.
  • Hover at the beginning or end of an activity. When the cursor changes to a two-sided arrow, click and drag to resize it, extending or reducing the activity length.
  • Hover over the center of the activity and then click and drag to move the activity to another time within the shift.
Optional Days in Work Plan

The scheduling engine selects exactly one daily shift for each day of the week that contains more than one selected daily shift, unless you select optional days. In this case, the scheduling engine can choose a daily shift or not. Under Optional Days in Work Plan, direct the scheduling engine to choose a daily shift for the day or not by clicking the day or days in the Optional row.