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Agent status view with secondary status indicators

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2024-05-13 -

In a future release, Genesys Cloud will introduce the addition of secondary statuses to the Agent Status view. This update will allow users to select secondary statuses as columns for display within the view. With an updated column picker, a drop-down will now appear for each primary status that has secondary statuses. Users will have the flexibility to choose as many secondary statuses as they want for display columns.

Within the view, users will have visibility of the duration of each secondary status alongside the duration of the primary status. If all secondary statuses are selected and the user has permission to view all existing secondary statuses, the sum of the duration in the secondary statuses will match the duration displayed for the primary status.

Note: if a secondary status belongs to a division that the user does not have access to, its duration will not be included in this calculation. Additionally, the primary status itself could contribute to some of the total duration.
Before After
Old agent status view New Agent status view


The secondary status columns in the new view will appear to the right of the primary columns. Also, the text in the secondary status column headers will be prepended by the name of the primary status.


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Old agent status view


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New agent status view