User interface and user experience announcements

Review early announcements of upcoming changes that have significant impact on the Genesys Cloud user interface or to the user experience.

Announcement Announced on Details
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Historical Adherence view updates for teams March 31, 2023 A future release will include updates to the Historical Adherence view and the Historical Shrinkage view. These updates will enable team reporting and ensure that the views remain consistent with other workforce management views and administrator pages. The update also includes changes to the adherence over time charts to make it easier to view at a glance.
Agent UI and workflow improvements March 15, 2023 A future release will include updates to the destination selection pane for transfers and starting a new conversation in the agent user interface. These changes affect the following agent workflows: blind transfer, consult transfer, start a new conversation for voice, email, and SMS, and select To, CC, and BCC addresses for email.For more information, see Upcoming Agent UI Changes – Target Selection UI in the Community. 
Telephony administrator UI updates June 6, 2022 Genesys Cloud will perform rolling updates to the telephony administrator UI over the next few months. The changes may include updated icons for better visual alignment with other settings throughout the platform. The changes do not impact feature functionality or agent facing views.