User interface and user experience announcements

Review early announcements of upcoming changes that have significant impact on the Genesys Cloud user interface or to the user experience.

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June 23, 2023 As part of an ongoing effort to improve accessibility, Genesys Cloud will soon update the icons library to meet the latest UX standard. As a result, most icons will change slightly. Changes to some icons will be more visible than others. For more information, see the Genesys Community post.

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September 13, 2023

The top of the Genesys Cloud Subscription or Billing and Usage pages contains a chart that includes data about commit in dollars, and whether that value exceeded its commitment. This chart no longer appears in these two pages. For more information, see the community Removing the Chart on Subscription / Billing & Usage UI.

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February 9, 2023

A future release will include updates to the destination selection pane for transfers and starting a new conversation in the agent user interface. This update will reduce the number of clicks that agents make and the amount of time that agents spend scrolling to find and select the information they need. These changes affect the following agent workflows: blind transfer, consult transfer, start a new conversation for voice, email, and SMS, and select To, CC, and BCC addresses for email. For more information, see the Genesys Community post. For a visual tour see the following video.