December 21, 2022

Contact center

  • Co-browse for web messaging
  • Automatic email signatures in canned responses
  • Enhanced canned responses editor options
  • Rich media in knowledge base articles
  • Genesys Cloud native text-to-speech (TTS) French and Spanish support


  • Introducing the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text (STT) integration
  • Microsoft Teams integration enhancements


  • Single sign-on configuration enhancements

Deprecations and announcements

  • OS Family attribute in Predictive Engagement
  • Windows 7 support for the desktop app deprecation
  • Canned reports deprecation date updates
  • CIDR IP address range for cloud media services expansion postponement
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October 9, 2019

Contact center

  • Introducing preferred agent routing
  • Co-browse session improvements


  • Organization settings improvement
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November 21, 2018

Contact center

  • Co-browse with Shift JIS encoding
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