chat interactions

March 15, 2023

Contact Center

  • Topic spotting improvement
  • Extend after call work (ACW) timeout settings to digital channels
  • Agent requested after call work (ACW) option
  • After call work (ACW) analytics for callbacks improvement
  • Genesys Cloud Dialog Engine Bot Flows and Genesys Digital Bot Flows Dutch support
  • Genesys natural language understanding (NLU) improvements


  • Genesys AppFoundry improvements

Deprecations and announcements

  • Static data actions for web service data actions integration
  • Genesys Predictive Engagement on Genesys Engage hybrid solutions deprecation
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June 7, 2017


  • Secure relationships with authorized organizations

Contact center

  • Customer typing indicator in chat interactions
  • Evaluation form question branching
  • Disable unattended reports


  • Voci V-Spark transcription and speech analytics integration
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February 1, 2017


  • Admin UI relaunch

Contact center

  • ACD support for chats in client integrations
  • Genesys Cloud for Salesforce and Omni-Channel status sync
  • ACD routing of third-party chat and email interactions
  • Queues Performance summary and detail views
  • IVR prompt support for ordinal numbers
  • Italian language support in Architect
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