If the BYOC Premises Edge cannot connect to the cloud, is IVR still available?

Yes. A BYOC Premises Edge holds a cached version of the IVR in memory. The cached IVR is used when the Edge cannot connect to the cloud.  However, a specific call flows correctly only if the cached IVR has successfully downloaded all the files necessary to traverse the expected call flow. This includes language files.

For example, if a call hasn’t used a particular menu or a particular language before the Edge goes offline, that menu or language will not be in the cache. Therefore, if a new call is trying to go to that menu or use that language after the Edge goes offline, the call flow will fail because the files are not in the cache.

As such it is imperative that you make sure to program call flows with proper failure paths that take into account for the case where the Edge cannot connect to the cloud and a data-dip or similar action fails.

Note: This functional state is intended for very short offline periods and is not suitable for Internet or service outages that exceed 30 minutes.