How far back can I go to view historical data in the Genesys Cloud Performance views?

Performance views using our synchronous analytics/conversations/details endpoint have a max retention of 558 days (18 months). However, we maintain all historical data in our analytics/conversations/details/jobs endpoint for 1827 days (5 years). Several views pull data past the 558-day mark, but performance may be slower to return results past 558 days. These views include: Interactions view, Agents Interactions Detail view, Queues Interactions Detail view, and Scheduled Callbacks view. Quality Management retention policies for recordings and email content are not stored in the same manner, though querying interactions past 558 days via the Genesys Cloud performance views may prohibit access past 558 days. Customers needing access to recordings past 558 days can follow up with Customer Care to have access extended, if necessary.